URA Property Transactions

The URA Private Property Transactions e-Service provides comprehensive information on private residential property transactions within the last 60 months. This valuable resource offers insights into the dynamic real estate market, enabling users to access and analyze data related to private residential property transactions in Singapore.

Key Information:
This e-Service encompasses private residential property transactions, including those with caveats lodged or Options to Purchase issued within the last 60 months. New sale transactions from 25 May 2015 are based on Options to Purchase issued by developers, while resale and subsale transactions are founded on caveats lodged with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

Transaction Details:
Users can explore various transaction types, such as new sale, resale, and subsale transactions. Notably, caveats are legal documents lodged by purchasers with the SLA to register their legal interest in the property. It's important to note that while caveats are typically lodged after the Option to Purchase is exercised or the Sales and Purchase (S&P) agreement is signed, it is not mandatory to lodge a caveat. Therefore, some transacted properties may not have caveats lodged against them.

Usage Guidelines:
When utilizing this e-Service, users can select a maximum of 5 projects at a time. For resale and subsale transactions, information is updated on every Tuesday and Friday, while new sale transactions are updated every Friday. In the event that the scheduled update falls on a public holiday, the information will be updated on the following working day.

Additional Resources:
For more in-depth real estate statistics, users can access URA's Real Estate Information System (REALIS). Subscription to REALIS can be completed via the following link: www.ura.gov.sg/realis. This draft aims to provide a clear and informative description of the URA Private Residential Property Transactions e-Service, incorporating the specific details you've provided.

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