JurongHealth Campus: Transforming Singapore Healthcare

The JurongHealth Campus, an integrated healthcare development in Jurong East, Singapore, is a pivotal part of the National University Health System (NUHS) group, serving the western region of Singapore. Comprising the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and the Jurong Community Hospital, the campus is designed to provide high-quality, affordable care and is known for its innovative approach to healthcare.

The seamless continuum of care provided by its hospitals supports the well-being of the community and reflects its commitment to creating a healthy and inclusive environment.

As Singapore's population ages, the demand for healthcare services has been increasing. In response to this, the Woodlands Health Campus (WHC) is set to open progressively from 2023. WHC is a 1,800-bedded purpose-built Campus comprising a fully integrated acute and specialist outpatient clinics, and intermediate and long-term care facilities.

It aims to reinvent the way care is delivered and provide seamless integration of care within and beyond the hospital. This development is a significant step in meeting the healthcare needs of the aging population and ensuring that essential medical services are readily accessible.

Furthermore, the opening of Woodlands Health, an integrated acute and community hospital, reflects the ongoing transformation of the Woodlands area into a vibrant and integrated urban district. The hospital's strategic location and its integration of acute, specialist outpatient, and long-term care facilities are essential in meeting the evolving healthcare needs of the community.

The seamless integration of care within the hospital and its outreach into the community through health talks, fitness sessions, and community nursing posts demonstrate its commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible healthcare services.

JurongHealth Campus and the upcoming Woodlands Health Campus are integral to meeting the healthcare needs of Singapore's aging population and contributing to the vision of creating vibrant and integrated urban areas. These developments reflect a commitment to providing high-quality, affordable care and ensuring that healthcare services are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the community.

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